A warm welcome ….

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‘Things do not change; we change’ 

                                           Henry David Thoreau


Life can be tough – but therapy can help, and you’ll want to know what counselling can do for you …… because you want to feel better.

Perhaps you’re feeling unhappy, stressed, anxious, sad? You may be feeling down, unproductive, overwhelmed – or notice you have no purpose or joy in your life. Or maybe you feel taken advantage of, that you’re not living the life you want? There may have been a past bereavement, or you could have experienced a recent loss or transition. Maybe your relationship with a partner is in difficulty or you find yourself falling out with friends, family, colleagues and don’t understand why.

Getting angry? Not sleeping? Nobody seems to understand. Or maybe you keep your feelings to yourself. You may adopt unhealthy methods to manage your difficult emotions? Indulging in risky behaviours, self sabotaging. Traumatic issues from your past could be intruding on your happiness.

When something isn’t right our emotions let us know fairly quickly, and it’s important we take notice of them. If not, we begin to see our physical health, as well as our mental health, becomes affected. Our health suffers because our bodies keep the score. So what are your mind and body saying to you?

Is it time to put you first …… to devote a small portion of your week investing in you for a change? For a moment, think about your own needs – what you would like to be different in your life? So many questions ….. are you worth the time, and financial investment?

Nobody can do this work for you – today could be the day things start to change. By searching for a counsellor or therapeutic coach online, you’ve already taken that difficult first step in acknowledging you might require support. You may be looking into whether counselling/coaching is right for you, your relationship as a couple, or your child. Speaking with a counsellor/coach you feel comfortable with can enable you to find new ways of coping. You can talk about issues that you cannot talk about to anyone else, no matter how close.

Studies show that your relationship with your counsellor/coach is the key to a successful outcome within therapy. How well we connect with our therapist is essential – clients need to feel safe, secure, and that they are working with someone they can trust.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the process – no obligation, just ask anything you would like to. Take a chance – call me, text me, email …. but make contact. And if I cannot help you we will look at who can – but help is out there – you deserve it don’t you? You have the right to lead a happy, fulfilled life.






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