Supervisor in training

Talking Heads 2I am currently studying a Postgraduate Level 6 Diploma in Clinical Supervision and therefore offering low cost supervision to individual counsellors, to organisations requiring therapeutic supervision – or to anyone who works in the ‘people professions’ and is impacted by their work, ie teachers, social workers, nurses. I offer a safe, confidential space to explore what is going on for you in the work place, what it may bring up for you personally – also how to manage issues and work relationships, feel happier and be more productive in your work life.

My supervision modality is integrative, I have more than 4,650 hours experience in client work, and work with individuals aged 6 upwards – children, young people, teenagers and couples. I have extensive experience working in numerous settings including primary, middle and upper schools, an addiction centre, and almost 5 years in private practice.

Whilst in training I am offering supervision at £20 for one hour sessions, and £25 for 90 minute sessions. Please do contact me if you’d like to discuss booking clinical or therapeutic supervision with me, to explore how I contract with supervisees’, or enquire about the supervision model I use.