Headteacher, middle school, Flitwick. ‘Tracy is very warm and caring. I trust her judgements and she follows procedures very carefully. Her success made her role a cornerstone of our pastoral care system. Although Tracy has left our employment due to the success of her own private practice, we still buy in her services. She respects confidentiality, is reliable and has been a genuine asset to our school – I would highly recommend her to private clients .’

Headteacher, primary school, Luton. ‘I cannot imagine our school without Tracy’s services, nor how we would support children effectively and in a time appropriate way without her. She has kept so many children optimistic, settled and positive in school, whilst they deal with difficult things that we would wish they never had to. Tracy makes an immeasurable contribution to our ability as a school to keep vulnerable children or those with a transient need, learning, moving forward and staying positive about school, their lives and their future. Tracy is an exemplary professional who I, my Inclusion Team, children and parents trust implicitly. I recommend her without exception.’

‘These sessions have literally changed my life.’  C, Flitwick

‘Not only did Tracy transform my child within 7 weeks empowering her to stand strong, but as a parent I came away knowing that I also could say ‘no’ after my own session with her.’ Anonymous

‘I was not sure that counselling was right for me but Tracy put me at ease, and I feel that I have benefitted greatly.’ B, Stewartby

‘This counselling experience has given me the freedom to accept and like who I am/my beliefs, and my approach to life.’  C, Clophill

‘Tracy was extremely helpful and accommodating regarding sessions. She has given me great insight and support with my personal development.’  LP, Bedford

‘My son has made a lot of progress in a relatively short amount of time. I would definitely recommend Tracy as she quickly establishes a rapport with children and makes them feel at ease’, JD, Flitwick

‘Being able to talk openly was a fantastic tonic for me. I now feel prepared for the challenges ahead’  PD, Flitwick

‘I found that Tracy was so easy to talk to, which helped me open up.’ L, Bedford

‘Tracy joined me on my rollercoaster ride and helped me work out what I really wanted from life, and what I needed to let go of.’  H, Flitwick

‘I am happier and making much better decisions – Tracy helped me to understand myself so much.’  CB, Flitwick

‘All I needed was some understanding and someone to listen, when I needed it the most.’  L, Flitwick

‘Following sessions with Tracy our daughter has become more relaxed and is noticeably happier. We will certainly access her support again in the future if necessary’.  JB, Flitwick.

‘Tracy’s work with my daughter has made such a difference to her – she now has enthusiasm for learning and for life back. She’s much more positive and developing friendships – it’s so lovely to see her happy again. Without her input she could not have gained such a great outcome’.  LE, Flitwick.

‘My daughter was having a very difficult time. Tracy’s sessions were invaluable. My child’s confidence has grown considerably and she is enjoying life again.’  LS, Bedford.

‘The help L received from Tracy through challenging times was vital. I would like to recommend her service to other parents.’   MW, Marston.

‘Our family has been through a very difficult time. But Tracy’s help with our boys was comforting and productive.’  D, Westoning.

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