TRAINING ~ Childhood Trauma ~ Attachment ~ Resilience and Emotional Well Being Workshops

Regular training available, delivered to members of the public, workplaces, schools ….. please let us know what your requirements are

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Childhood Trauma

what is trauma and how it affects the mind and body …. for life if untreated

how trauma presents in school/workplace

why we see this behaviour

how you can help ……………. ?

We offer an 90 minute presentation and can adapt to your requirements


Why is our relationship with our primary caregiver the most important one we have? How does the bond we form create a template for future relationships? How we develop and maintain connections with others is dependent on how secure, nuturing and consistent the bond from birth onwards was. Learn how attachment offers emotional regulation before infants can self-regulate ….. and how children (and adults) might present if not securely attached. Self awareness of what style of attaching we have helps us learn what belongs in the past, and what to pay attention to now, in our close and intimate relationships. Researchers suggest that the type of attachment displayed early in life can have a lasting effect on later adult relationships

Resilience and well being work shops

So – how come some people seem to be more resilient than others? When life knocks them down they just seem to bounce back …..

  • Maybe they have a way of looking at things, or thinking about things that help?
  • Would you like to feel happier, calmer, less anxious, get on better with others, improve your sleep ………
  • Wouldn’t it be great if we could get hold of the ‘recipe’ for resilience and, if we could, what would the ingredients be?

Our WELL BEING BOOT CAMP demystifies the essentials of good mind management arming you with tools and skills that are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to integrate into everyday living. We offer a full days training including a nutritious lunch

We are counsellors and therapeutic coaches, and we integrate advanced coaching and psychotherapeutic interventions into our therapeutic tool boxes. We both have a passion for sharing our knowledge and empowering others. By attending this days’ training you will learn  tools to empower you in a warm, supportive environment. Take a look at where you are now in your life and where you wish to be

LEARN HOW TO: understand your brain, stop worrying, identify your emotional needs, respond not react, and manage anxiety, panic attacks and anger

The training is based on the idea that human beings have physical and emotional needs; that our emotions, instincts and behaviours have evolved to push us towards getting those needs met; and that by developing mindful awareness, we make better choices and flourish so we become our ‘best selves’

With the knowledge comes an expanding range of practical skills and tools we can all use to help regulate our emotions; to better manage our minds, our lives and our relationships. We promote the kind of self help, mind management tips, tools and techniques that anyone can learn